Levels 1

1 - Welcome to bimboland! I am Miss Cindy (aka MissBimbo). Now lets get down to work shall we? You want to become a pink bimbo right? Well change your drab hairstyle to become a blonde with cool pigtails! You can do this at the hairstylist in the beauty center. Thanks for joining my site by the way. Come and say hello on my profile!
2 - Buy one item of clothing from the shop "Nine's" (on the top menu). Don't worry you should already have enough Bimbo Dollars when you start the game. Also go and say hello to as many bimbos as you can in the community forum. We are all friendly bimbos in bimboland!
3 - Register yourself on a training course and get an exciting new job! The world is your oyster now girl - go for it! Go to the job center.
4 - CREATE a new outfit. You can do this in "Dress up" found on the menu at the top. You should have at least two (2) outfits afterwards.

Levels 2

1 - Buy 6 NEW items of clothing from nines. You are cool and you know it. Buy them from nines (our online boutique where we sell 20000 items of clothing a day)!
2 - You have been invited to a party (with your partner). Oh no! You don't have a boyfriend at the moment! Find a boyfriend who is Mr. Right or simply Mr. Right Now! Try the nightclub in "The City".
3 - Go to the hairstylist and get a pink bun. A pink bun for a wannabe Pink bimbo
4 - Rent your very own apartment. It's about time you leave the nest and become a strong independent bimbo! Go to the estate agency.

Levels 3

1 - Get the bakers job. Make some sweet fresh bread!
2 - Save a new outfit. You do this in "Dress up" on the top menu.
3 - Change your stylish hairdo - to the long one with bangs and in blue.
4 - Win at least 3 challenges. You can find the challenges on the left menu.

Levels 4

1 - By hook or by crook, obtain an IQ of a minimum of 75. Advice - go to the library and play some games!
2 - Complete todays "sort out your bag" game.
3 - Buy a "GYM card" to keep fit. Have you noticed all the pink bimbos are hot? The Pink Bimbos are Miss Bimbos closest friends and allies. They are all hot hot hot!

Levels 5

1 - Rent or buy a Flat in New York (or bigger) at the "Estate Agency" in "The City".
2 - Save at least 10 hot outfits from your wardrobe.
3 - You need at least 10 items of clothing or shoes you’ve had your eye on. Got to have a big wardrobe for a diva bimbo hey girl!

Levels 6

1 - Score 3000 bimbo attitude points.
2 - Save 3 new outfits. Have you met my BFF AmericanBimbo? Go say hello to her. She the bomb
3 - You think that your boyfriend is now a has-been. You can't sem to find the same feelings you used to have for him. You want to break-up so finish your relationship!

Levels 7

1 - After you broke-up with your ex-boyfriend you went on an eating binge! Thats not a sensible way to deal with problems is it? You should talk to your friends and family. Please don't comfort eat all that chocolate! Now it's time to talk through your problems and also get back to healthy eating... Keep your weight less than 132 Lbs. Remember your goals will be reset every day so start with the weight goal.
2 - Complete todays easy puzzle. Remember your goals will be reset every day.
3 - You seem a little depressed. You should talk about your problems but to cheer yourself up a little go to the hairstylist and change your hair-cut. Also you should go and chat to my good freind CaptainQueer. Every bimbo needs a gay best friend and he is mine. Go and say hello - hes super friendly!
4 - Find a new boyfriend! Now then young bimbo I should warn you about a few bad characters. There is a group of troublemakers that want to destroy the pink bimbos and take over bimboland. They can often be found dressed in black. Avoid the meanieheadz and their leader the Black Bimbo. They are trouble.

Levels 8

1 - You got a new passion and you want to become the hottest new hairstylist in town. Toni and Guy will be recruiting you soon!
2 - Have one or more indulgent body scrubs to make your skin totaly white! (if you have a tan you may need to have multiple scrubs)
3 - You must have played todays scratch game.

Levels 9

1 - Obtain 500 bimbo dollars. By the way did you meet my good friend IndianBimbo? Go and say hello to her!
2 - Obtain an IQ of 85 or more. You can get some at Library (in the city) or by playing the mini games.
3 - Beauty isn't everything but looking good never did any harm. Have a face lift operation for a new look. You can find this at "The Clinic" in "The City".
4 - You've been offered some work as a plus-size model. To gain those vivacious curves, you should weigh more than 154Lbs.
5 - Put on black lipstick at the beauty center.

Levels 10

1 - Your boyfriend is not happy with your cosmetic surgery... you must break-up with him.
2 - Get one or more tanning session(s) to have that tropical tan that's all the rave! But remember tanning can be bad for your skin so don't do it too often!
3 - Summertime is coming up and bikini weather is upon us. You will want to look good on the beach with all your friends so its best to keep in shape! Stay at your ideal weight and don't overdo the summer cocktails. I am going on holiday with the pink bimbos. Maybe you can join us next year?
4 - Go to the therapist and talk about your problems. Remember a problem shared is a problem halved!

Levels 11

1 - You've got the stuff to strut and win 200 challenges.
2 - You are bored of cutting hair. You want to become a secretary and show off your smile to a handsome business-man!
3 - You have to buy at least 70 items of clothing.
4 - You want to meet a new boyfriend, go to the night club! Make sure you are looking good and enjoy your evening responsibly! Have you heard of the J cat boys? They are so cool. To tell the truth I have a crush on one of them

Levels 12

1 - You know that beauty is only skin deep and you know that a well rounded super diva bimbo is beautiful, clever, independent and strong however you decide that after talking to your friends you want to accentuate your assets. Have a breast operation.
2 - Jealousy is a terrible emotion. However its time to make the other girls jealous with your dazzling style - accumulate more than 30 outfits in your wardrobe. You bad bimbo!
3 - Rock 25000 bimbo attitude points and make others take notice!

Levels 13

1 - You fell in love with another boy! You have to dump your boyfriend AND start your new relationship! You seem to change your mind alot about what type of boy you like don't you? Stability in a relationship is good you know!
2 - Obtain an IQ of a minimum - 110. Wow brain box status. Watch out Dr Stephen Hawkins! Thats a bimbo - beautiful, clever, independent, talented - the world is your oyster!
3 - Time to dress up for a party! Go as a hottie sailor. Save your "sailor Haute Couture" outfit (skirt, shoes and top). You can find it at Nine's the clothes shop.

Levels 14

1 - Time to do the good thing and help others - become a nurse! Ooh nice uniform. Is that doctor looking at you?
2 - Mama has got to get paid! Obtain 12000 bimbo dollars.
3 - Be the talk of the walk - win at least 300 challenges.
4 - Have 45000 bimbo attitude points and the rights for bragging big time!
5 - You're a fashion extraordinaire and have at least 200 items of clothing in your wardrobe

Levels 15

1 - Buy or rent a Flat in London - you want to live with your boyfriend. Are you feeling broody? Is it time to start a family? Don't rush into anything too soon you are young. And you havent visited me in California yet?
2 - Obtain an IQ of at least 140.
3 - Save an outfit with jerrica clothes (top, jacket, skirt, socks, shoes, beret, necklace, belt and bag.)

Levels 16

1 - A famous fashion photographer wants you to appear in his lingerie magazine. Save your little red and black lingerie number
2 - Complete the "sort out your bag" game today.
3 - Life in a relationship is sometimes difficult! You need some help to talk about things - go to the therapist today.
4 - Get 75 000 bimbo attitude points.

Levels 17

1 - You have to admit it is over between Michael and you. Accept it and move on. Hes found a new Bimbo. But the news in town is that there is a Billionaire on vacation ... You are intelligent, beautiful independent and strong so go catch his eye and catch his love! Good luck.
2 - Your closet is overflowing with more than 300 items of clothing in your wardrobe.
3 - After your 100th day of playing the game, you will get a fantabulous gift that's worth a mighty celebration!
4 - Win at least 600 challenges

Levels 18

1 - Just the facts Ma’am. Become a journalist and tell only the truth. No spin. Don't you dare take a shred of negativity and spin it into a terrible story! Thats not a nice thing to do.
2 - You have to give some bimbo cred to 10 Bimbos of your choice. Have sympathy - every Bimbo can't be as cool as you!
3 - Get 150 000 Bimbo attitude points.
4 - You want to go to the beach but you need some beach style. Go to the tanning salon - get the bronzing max and some bleached surf style blonde hair! Surfs up baby - surfs up!

Levels 19

1 - You've reached the elite status! You have more than 500 items of clothing in your wardrobe. You are a veritable Bimbo diva!
2 - You go to a fancy costume party! Save a "heroic fantasy" outfit. You can find it all at Haute Couture. You will need top, earrings, skirt, socks, necklace and hat

Levels 20

1 - You must have a lofty 180000 bimbo attitude points.
2 - Obtain an IQ of a minimum - 180. Your brains are so big they are coming out your ears!
3 - While at a video game party you met a charming young gentleman. He's younger than your current boyfriend and you have decided you should dump your current man. Be easy on him as he is a sensitive himbo.

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